Monday, October 14, 2013

Discouragement... and Opportunity

I have been feeling a little discouraged the last couple of days.  I really feel like starting my own business is something that I want to do, but just not sure where to start.  I really feel like I need to have a few concrete ideas to get going on right away, but just not sure what those are yet.  I went to my niece's birthday party this past weekend and talked to several people about my journey and came away feeling like I might not be prepared for this.  I hadn't heard back from the artist that I mentioned in the last post and was disappointed about that, but decided to email her again and see if I got any response and I'm so glad that I did.  We finally met this afternoon and talked about her projects and what she is needing.  It will be a short project, three days, but a good chance to make a connection and get into the Art world. I will be gluing pieces of shredded paper onto a canvas.  As boring as it may sound, I am excited. :)

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